What Is Captain? 
Captain is an On-Demand Office Assistant.  A fully On-Demand Service dedicated to peak responsiveness, flexibility, and total office support.

Captain’s mission is to find solutions to everyday business matters with talent to complete everyday tasks allowing businesses to focus on the business, every day.

Task Captain with Office Services, IT Support, Help Desk, Scanning, Records Management,  Administrative, Billing, Data Entry and Management of, Design Services, Trial Support, Courier Services, Document Services, Customer Service and Engagement, Equipment Services, Supplies, Surveys and more.

Where Do I Find Captain?
Visit Captain: www.chatwithcaptain.com

You can also reach Captain via www.servicesonsite.com. A chat box will open when you visit our homepage. We have a team running the chat so you will be speaking with someone from Captain. No robots!

Why Should I Use Captain?

Captain complements Services On-Site’s office services program and solutions by focusing resources on the on-demand benefits to businesses like yours. Captain’s focus is to reduce operational costs while increasing efficiency, productivity, and total office support beyond office services.

How Does Captain Work?
Whether you visit, text, or chat with Captain, the team will lead the way.  Each request or task will be met with a live Captain team member and completed by specialized talent matching the scope of work. Depending on the task or project, pay hourly or a fixed rate and it will be billed through Services On-Site.

When Can I Start Using Captain?
Right now. We’re Live. Come Chat!

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