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Document Management – A Little More Agile

April 10, 2019

Take a little more Agile Approach.

Why do some companies excel at Document Management implementation and others don’t?

They are normally a little more agile in their project approach. Many companies undertaking the Document Management could benefit from what’s been a typical developer approach to projects. Push out the MVP(minimum viable product) and continue to improve the features as you go. In this case, it would be the processes.

Here is a classic MVP cartoon:

Many Document Management projects get held up by allowing too many stakeholder opinions, holding too many meetings and dodging busy schedules.

Do you have the DMS? Do you have the staff? Do you have the equipment?

You can start. The DMS skeleton has been proven time and time again.

Don’t have the right Project Manager to lead the charge? Trusted advisors are available to you (yes, shameless plug).

The bottom line is that paralysis by analysis only adds to the problem. Each day puts you one more day behind. A good plan is better than a perfect plan because that good plan with have the flexibility to adapt with your company’s growth. Storage costs creep up on you and office space just keeps getting more costly by the foot. Don’t let paper push you around.