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Explain Office Services

October 12, 2018

What does Office Services mean nowadays?

Whatever you want it to mean. All kidding aside it does mean very different things to different companies. You can find the answer with one simple question.

Where is the most value in outsourcing certain tasks or automating specific procedures for my company?

Office Services with the right talent can take on your answer to that question and in return give you greater control of staff utilization, process improvement and greater focus on your customer. You won’t hear us say Facilities Management(FM) or Office Services much anymore but rather Managed Services. The transformation of the dated “office services department” starts with the computer.

The incoming talent to office services is now expected to have a strong background in computer science, support, programming or design. Yes, you read that right. Now think of the possibilities this means for the OS department. Help Desk, Records Management, Case Management, Database Entry and Management, Information Queries, AP assistant, Website design and I could go on.

It’s all possible. You can find your forward right in the Managed Services Department.

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