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Train Your Staff in Tech?!

September 18, 2018

They Will Thank You Later

Yes, I know you have your Power users but not everyone’s comfort zone extends beyond a simple excel formula or a print dialog box. Training in tech can mean and should mean many different things. Do you provide a specific program based training or general troubleshooting training? What type of training will deliver the best results for our environment? What type of training will engage the staff and prove to be a value-add to their daily tasks?

A lot of questions do need to be answered as you implement a staff training plan. Fortunately, there are consulting options out there that can manage the training and present best fit to your environment. If you have the right partner in this they will even scale the training to the current skill set of the employee. This partner should be able to present a goal for each employee and in short order, there should be a noticeable confidence boost.

So what’s the benefit in the end to you and your organization? More efficient workers for one. Think about the uptick in utilization when users can troubleshoot there own low-level issues. Of course, we aren’t asking these users to ask for administrator rights and start running network diagnostics but the minor issues that still cause them to pick up a phone and call the help desk or a nearby co-worker when it can be solved by knowing your way around the task manager option.

You may even have this training at your fingertips. You may already contract services from a company that does this type of training. (<--SOS Customers!) Regardless, technology won't stop it's growth so why should you?